Our story

El Nido restaurant opened on august 27, 1971 one block south of its present location. At first, it was only a Bar because the landlord considered that a Restaurant would consume too much water.
On August 25, 1974 we moved to our present location and begun our restaurant service since, we grill our meats with wood, we cook the same beans soup and continue with almos our original staff members.
In 1984 we acquired a quail farm, located 16 miles South-East of Ensenada, at Valle de Guadalupe (the largest wine producers of Mexico), that i show quail was included in our menu.
On May 30, 1994 we acquired a lot of venison (Red Deer) from New Zeland with 98 female and 4 male; since then we serve venison meat from our own farm in our menu.
The quails and the meat of venison are very low fat products and cholesterol furthemore is fed naturally.
Groups majors of 10 people and with family, they can visit the farm, with previous appointment.

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  • “Naturally unique”

  • Since 1971

  • "El Nido" Restaurant


Enjoy the different dishes offered by our delicious breakfasts served from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm


We offer you squid, shrimp, fish and salmon in their different preparations.


Enjoy the variety of snacks such as fresh panela from ranch, melted cheese, guacamole and grilled zucchini while waiting for your dish.


We have different types of animal meat from our farm like deer, quail, sheep, beef, Pork, chicken breast, and others.


We are proud to serve: sheep, deer and quail from Baja California,produced on our farm.


  • Eggs
    Eggs to taste.
    Eggs (Mexican Style, Rancheros, Cactus, Ham, Chorizo, Chorizo and Potatoes or Bacon), Quail eggs ranchero style.

    Omelette with one or two ingredients to choose (Cheese, Ham, Mushrooms, Bacon, Cactus or Chorizo)
    Two ingredients omelette.
    Panela cheese omelet
    Spanish omelet
    Omelet with (Cheese, Mushrooms, Cactus and Vegetables)
    Omelet with vegetables of season of the farm.
    Omelet with poblano chile strips, corn and cheese.
    Shrimp omelette.

    Machaca and eggs.
    Machaca with eggs and cactus.
    Machaca and vegetables.
    Venison machaca with quail eggs.
    Venison machaca with cactus.
    machaca with quail eggs.
    Bufalo machaca with vegetables.

    Red or green chilaquiles
    Chilaquiles with eggs, chicken or beef.

    Recommendation of the chef
    Chilaquiles with cactus rancheros and quail eggs.
    Chilaquiles with machaca ranchera and quail eggs.
    Panela cheese sandwich.

    Chorizo, egg and potatoes burritos.
    Machaca and egg burritos.
    Bean/ and cheese burritos
    Ham with eggs burritos.

    Child’s dishes
    Ham with eggs.
    Mini pancakes with eggs and fruit
    3 mini pancakes.

    Hotcakes with eggs, Ham or Bacon
    Hotcake with quail eggs.

    French toast
    French Toast with (Eggs, Ham or Bacon)

    Fresh fruit salad, Oatmeal.


    Includes Bean Soup, Salad with blue cheese dressing, Ranch, Thousand Islands, Flour tortillas and baked potato with cream and butter.


    Choose your favorite meat court with:

    Meat and special shrimp (wrapped in butter and garlic).
    Steak and breaded shrimp.
    Steak and 2 quails.
    Steak and fish.
    Steak and squid.

    From the broiler
    Ribe eye.
    Filete mignon.
    Carne asada with guacamole (thin cut).
    Carne asada special with (thick cut).
    Arrachera with guacamole.
    ½ Mezquite broiled chicken.
    Chicken special of the house.
    Mezquite broiled venison.
    Venison machaca.
    Whole rack of lamb (mezquite broiled).
    ½ half rack of lamb (mezquite broiled)
    Grilled chicken breast
    Pork chops

    Breaded shrimp.
    Special shrimp of the house ( wrapped in foil paper with garlic butter).
    Broiled fish sauted in garlic butter.
    Breaded fish
    Broiled squid sauted in garlic butter.
    Breaded squid.
    Sea food combination #1:(Breaded fish, shrimp and squid).
    Sea food combination #2(Broiled fish, shrimp and squid sautéed in garlic sauce)
    Mezquite broiled salmon.

    Wine List

    Santo Tomas Chardonai 750ml
    Santo Tomas Chenin Blanc 750ml
    L.A. Cetto Chardonai 750ml
    L.A Cetto Chauvenet 750ml
    L.A Cetto Chenin Blanc 750ml
    Copa de Vino Blanco
    Copa de Vino Chardonai

    Verengo (Cabernet)
    Merlot o 50-50) BOT. 750ml
    Verengo (Nebbiolo) BOT. 750ml
    Santo Tomas Cabernet Sauvignon 750ml
    Santo Tomas Merlot
    Barbera 750ml
    L.A Cetto Cavernet Sauvignon 750ml (Reserva Priv.)
    L.A Cetto Cavernet Sauvignon 750ml
    L.A Cetto Nebbiolo 750ml
    L.A Cetto Merlot (Reserva Privada) 750ml
    L.A Cetto Chauvenet 750ml
    Copa de vino Cabernet Sauvignon
    Copa de vino Merlot
    Copa de vino Tinto
    Vino tinto de la casa

    L.A Cetto Zinfandel 750ml
    Copa de Zinfandel


  • Fresh panela by KG.
    Fresh panela.
    Venison machaca.
    Bufalo machaca.
    Quail soutted in garlic sauce.
    Mushrooms in garlic sauce.
    Fried zucchini.
    Fried cheese.
    Fried cheese with mushrooms.
    Fried cheese with chorizo.
    , Fried cheese panela.
    Onion rose (Bread).
    French fries
    Breaded squid
    Potatoes skins.

    Mexican dishes

    (Include rice and beans)
    Venison burritos
    Beef burritos.
    Beans burritos.
    Bean and cheese burritos.
    Beef or chicken tacos.
    Marlin tacos.
    Chiles rellenos.
    Chiles rellenos with panela.
    Red/Green Enchiladas (Cheese, Beef, Chicken or Panela).
    Special quesadilla (Beef or Chicken)
    Beef taquitos
    Panela cheese sandwich.

    Mexican Combinations
    Mexican combination #1: (Taco, Burrito and Chile relleno).
    Mexican combination #2: (Quesadilla, Beef enchilada and 2 Taquitos).
    Mexican sea food combination: (Marlin taco, Shrimp quesadilla and Chile relleno with panela).
    Vegetarian dish: (Quesadilla, Enchilada cheese and chile relleno).

    Child dish
    Taco or quesadilla with rice and beans.
    Breaded fish.
    Breaded shrimp.

    Soft drinks

    Horchata,Jamaica,Lemonade, Naranjada.

    Coca Cola,Coca Light,Fresa, Naranja,Fresca,Sprite,Manzana.

    lemonade,orange juice, Fresh squeze orange juice, Mineral water, Milk, Iced or hot tea(refill), Chocomilk, Coffee.

    Pineapple, Gruitfruit,Natural orange, Apple and Tomato.

    Mineral and natural water.


    Iced or Hot tea.

    Alcoholic drinks

    National, without alcohol.

    Grey Goose,Absolut, Stolichnaya, Wyborowa, Smirnoff, Oso negro.

    Tanqueray, Beefeaters, Oso negro.

    Don Julio 70, Don Julio Reposado/Blanco, Sauza 3 generaciones, Cuervo 1800, Cuervo Centenario, Cuervo Tradicional, Herradura Reposado, Cazadores Reposado, Jimador Reposado, Sauza Hornitos, Cuervo (Gold), Orendain.

    Whisky y bourbon
    Buchanna's, Chivas Regal, Crown Royal, J. Walker Black Label, J. Walker Red Label, Jack Daniels, J & B, Ballantines, Jim Beam, Passport, Seagram's V.O, Seagrams Seven, Canacian Club, Cutty Sark.

    Martell, Courvoisier.

    Bacardi Blanco, Barcardi Añejo, Bacardi Coconut, Bacardi Solera, Captain Morgan, Appleton, Malibu.

    Bailey's, Liquor 43, Frangelico, Amareto, Dubonet, Sambuca Blanco, Sambuca Negro, Damiana, Anis Chinchon Dulce, Anis Chinchon Seco, Anis Mico Dulce, Anis Mico Seco, Campari, Curacao Azul, Menta Verde, Kahlua.

    400 Conejos Reposado, 400 Conejos Blanco.

    Fundador, Azteca de Oro, Don Pedro, Presidente, Carlos I, Viejo Vergel.

    Midori, Margaritas, Banana, Strawberry, Mango in season, Lemon, Margaritas with Cuervo (gold), Margaritas in the rocks, Margarita with tequila (Cuervo 1800, Centenario, Tradicional, Cazadores, Jimador, Hornitos), Pina Colada.

    Mojito, Clamato, May Tay, Sombi, Cafe Mexicano, Blody Mary, Martini of flavors (National, Import, Grey Goose).


We show you this beautiful place.

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Know the data and location,visit us and enjoy our delicious dishes while having a pleasant time.

Contact information

  • Blvd. Benito Juárez 67,Zona centro, 22710 Playas de Rosarito, B.C., México.
  • 01 661 612 1430
  • elnidorosarito@yahoo.com.mx
  • http://elnidorosarito.com.mx/